My name is Cheyna Matthews. I am a professional soccer player, wife, mother, and the founder of Seeded Sweat

In 2018, and about 4 months pregnant with my first child, I struggled to find training attire that fit my specific needs as a professional athlete and soon-to-be mother. I remember feeling as if the maternity wear at the time was solely made to aid lounging and relaxing. Though that was great at times, I could not help but dream about my return to soccer post-baby and how motivated I was to keep moving. I wanted something so supportive, that my training felt just as important as kicking my feet up. I yearned for a material that I could sweat in, just as I appreciated before pregnancy. I craved the feeling of support underneath my belly while walking, running, stretching, and lifting. The idea of wearing a supportive belt seemed daunting. Constantly tugging on leggings that would not stay up during training disrupted my workouts. I found that my postpartum nursing experience could have been better with a more efficient way to breastfeed or pump after (sometimes during) training sessions.

Throughout my second pregnancy in 2020, I took on the challenge of finding high quality fabrics to create sweat-wicking activewear that met my needs as an active, sweaty momma with 16 months of nursing in my locker. I became hopeful that the products I created for myself could help other moms like me, and Seeded Sweat was born!

Our mission is for moving mothers to feel comfortable, supported, encouraged, and motivated to carry on during pregnancy and beyond. With our platform, we vow to create a community of positivity and inspiration, while also providing information as mom’s navigate our way through pregnancy and postpartum stages.